Holy Rascals is a non-profit media group producing video, and web-based programming that promotes a new spiritual paradigm arising from ordinary people seeking meaning, community and deep spiritual experiences. Holy Rascals transcend theology and religion .

We live with mystery and unanswerable questions in pursuit of just humble and compassionate action. Holy Rascals uses the power of film and social media to encourage a conversation that transcends institutional religion and dogma, embraces humor and The Mystery in hopes of connecting us all to the Divine. May we see the Divine in each other.

Holy Rascals operates under the auspices of Peace Films Inc. which was incorporated 1986 to make educational media. If you have time to explore our website, you will discover many short videos on a range of spiritual topics. Some of them feature some of the wisest teachers in the world.

At Holy Rascals you can sign up for on-line classes called webinars or sign up for one of our live events, A HOLY RASCAL REVIVAL. Are you a Holy Rascal? Pass us on to your friends. We are out here on the edge, with everyone else who is attempting to make ourselves a greater vehicle of love.

Tell us your story. We are the heir to the entire spectrum of human spirituality, no need to limit yourself to just one tradition. It is the Dawn of InterSpirituality, a time to draw from the riches of more than one faith. Please join us on this journey that we dare to call a path to liberation.

Just One Step: The Great Peace March

PeaceFilms Inc. was originally created for the production of "Just One Step"